Final major project exhibition – A journey into the uncanny by Anthea Hendry

Visit UPCO, 7 Courthouse Street, Otley, LS21 3AN from 27th to 28th July, 10am – 5pm to view Anthea’s work

Art work by Anthea Hendry

An exhibition exploring the museum, curiosities and cyanotypes. Recognising the link between museums being the guardians of collections deemed precious, and our individual needs to collect and care for personally precious things, was a starting for this exploration. I was experimenting with cyanotype printing while preparing to facilitate an art therapy group at Cartwright Hall Art Gallery. Exploring the cultural history of museums and their changing status and function made me view features of Cartwright Hall through a new lens. What story did its architectural features tell? Was there an obvious invitation from the outside to explore the inside?

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