1. FD Graphic Design and Illustration

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    Transform your ideas into creative designs and illustrations with our entrepreneurial programme. Our Graphic Design and Illustration degree allows you to harness your creative talent and take advantage of networking opportunities to develop a professional design business.

    Our foundation degree broadens your knowledge of graphic design and illustration and teaches you the techniques and skills needed to forge a creative career. This programme will focus on a range of graphic techniques such as illustration and typography. You will also learn how to communicate visually with an audience.

    Our handpicked modules develop your employability skills as well as providing you with plenty of opportunities to captivate a crowd. You’ll work with designers, gallerists, and curators, sell your work, promote yourself, and develop media campaigns, in a programme designed to meet the demands of the creative industry.

    While studying with us, you’ll leverage our excellent industry links to develop your work, enter competitions, and work on client projects. You’ll also produce a sustained body of graphic design or illustration work which will be displayed as part of a public exhibition.

    For all relevant policies and procedures and other relevant documents please see the University Centre Leeds website here.


  2. FD Art

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    Whether you’re a painter, sculptor, video, sound or installation artist you’ll maximise your creative ability, and learn how to harness your skills in a professional environment.

    Our foundation degree contextualises your practice within the reality of the contemporary art industry. As you progress through our programme, you’ll refine your skills in the studio, as well as developing your understanding of art and commerce, and how the two can combine to create a career path.

    From the start, you’ll exhibit your work. You will have the opportunity to sell your work, visit exhibitions, collaborate with artists, develop media campaigns, work with the public, and critically understand the changing art landscape.

    Leverage our fantastic industry links throughout the course to showcase your work in three public exhibitions each year within the Leeds art scene.

    For all relevant policies and procedures and other relevant documents please see the University Centre Leeds website here.

  3. Award in Education and Training

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    This course provides an introduction for those new to training and teaching or those wishing to teach or train. It is designed as a qualification which will equip a wide range of teachers/trainers and facilitators with a threshold license to teachť. The course is ideal for those who may be currently teaching in the lifelong learning sector and require an initial teacher training qualification, or those who would like an introduction to the sector. It would also be suited to those seeking career progression or who want to improve confidence and presentation skills.

  4. MA Creative Practice

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    The course allows you to develop your academic work with a research symposium to meet with other artists and academics to discuss artworks and themes. You’ll receive personalised support based on your practice, and the space to develop your creative practice in a multidisciplinary environment. Acting as a form of percolation, your work will be distilled for exhibition, ready to be shown to the public. Develop your arts practice – sign up for the MA today!

    For all relevant policies and procedures and other relevant documents please see the University Centre Leeds website here.

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