TQUK Level 2 Certificate in Oral Care for Health and Social Care

Course Length 8-12 weeks
Study Type Part time
Course Code 79706-01

Course overview

Learn how to identify dental care problems and how to promote maintaining good oral health.

  • Entry Requirements
    Aged 19+, Level 1 English
  • Benefits/Skills
    • Flexible online delivery
    • Assessed via activities so no exams
    • Useful for personal development or seeking employment
    • Study at your own pace
  • Units/Modules
    • Unit 1: Principles of oral health care
      • Section 1: Understand basic oral healthcare principles
      • Section 2: Know how to identify poor oral health
      • Section 3: Understand factors that can negatively affect oral hygiene and how to prevent them
      • Section 4: Understand the impacts of poor oral hygiene on other areas of health
    • Unit 2: Oral hygiene equipment and support
      • Section 1: Understand the equipment used to achieve good oral health
      • Section 2: Know when to seek advice from a professional
      • Section 3: Understand barriers individuals may face when accessing oral care
    • Unit 3: Principles of promoting a person-centred approach to oral hygiene
      • Section 1: Understand person-centred approaches
      • Section 2: Understand the importance of encouraging active participation
      • Section 3: Understand the importance of an individual’s wellbeing
      • Section 4: Understand the importance of developing care plans when providing oral hygiene for others
      • Section 5: Understand the benefits of loved ones being involved in care plans for oral hygiene
    • Unit 4: Principles for providing oral care in a health and social care setting
      • Section 1: Understand the importance of recording oral hygiene and dental treatments
      • Section 2: Understand the importance of consent
      • Section 3: Know when to seek advice from a professional on behalf of someone you care for
      • Section 4: Understand the importance of protective equipment
    • Unit 5: Providing oral care in care settings
      • Section 1: Understand how to provide oral care for those at end of life
      • Section 2: Understand oral care for those with dentures
      • Section 3: Understand oral care for those with medical conditions
      • Section 4: Know how to assess the mouth
  • Assessment Types
    Written assessments, tasks, and activities.

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