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Why it’s important that Harrogate College remains open during the lockdown

As we’re now in a second lockdown, we want to highlight the importance of college staying open during this time and reassure you of the safety measures in place. 

Protecting education is incredibly important during this pandemic, therefore most educational institutions have remained open across the country.

We appreciate some students may feel nervous about attending college during lockdown, however our health and safety measures have been working well to protect our students and staff. These measures include:

  • Staggered start and finish times.
  • Each area of the college is split into zones and students are allocated a zone and bubble (group) to stay in. 
  • Face coverings worn in communal areas such as corridors.
  • Any personal protective equipment that is risk assessed as being required is provided.
  • Hand sanitiser stations in place across the college.
  • Zones are cleaned before different bubble groups can use them.

We have effective systems in place for reducing the risk of transmission and have had a low number of cases. We follow a strict process for reporting positive Covid-19 tests, informing those affected and collapsing bubbles where required.

With these measures in place, students can attend college safely. Attending college is essential for students’ progress and learning. Consistent attendance means keeping on track with studies and achieving. It’s also important for students to continue coming into college to develop valuable skills and knowledge for the future. This time at college is vital for preparation for their next steps. 

Attending college also plays a key role in supporting student’s wellbeing, enabling them to engage in lessons and communicate regularly with their bubble group. Harrogate College promotes a friendly and inclusive environment. Students can access support and advice when needed from their peers, teachers and dedicated staff. We have online extra curricular activities and groups for students to engage in alongside their courses. 

If you have any concerns or questions about attending college during the lockdown, please get in touch by calling 01423 879466, emailing  contact@harrogate-college.ac.uk or speaking with a tutor.


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