1. Creative Practice MA Degree | Level 7

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    Perfect your specialist area with this course. You will be researching your chosen field of expertise and practice across painting, sculpture, printmaking, digital image and media, installation, photography, fashion and illustration. You’ll explore and experiment within your chosen field, learning to research, write and reflect upon the underpinning theories, art history, marketing and collaboration.


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    Course Code: 76496-01

  2. Photography Intermediate

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    Capture your creativity with this short course. You’ll develop a detailed understanding of technical photography. You’ll also improve advanced techniques within industry standard practical facilities. Additionally, you will improve your practical abilities through a varied range of photography equipment.

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    Course code: 76471-01

  3. Photography for Beginners

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    Have you got a passion for pictures? You’ll grasp a strong basic understanding of photography and develop the ability to use a range of different photographic equipment. You’ll also have the opportunity to focus on areas of personal interest and produce a final product.

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    Course Code: 76470-01

  4. Ceramics Beginner

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    Get creative with ceramics with this introductory programme. You’ll work on live projects in workshops to construct forms and create decorative surface patterns. You will develop hand building techniques and learn the basics of using a pottery wheel.

    Develop your ceramic skills with this hands-on programme. You’ll work through live briefs in workshops to construct forms and create decorative surface patterns. You’ll gain an understanding of hand building techniques and learn the basics of using a pottery wheel.


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    Course Code: 76508-01, 76484-01 and 76485-01

  5. Graphic Design and Illustration Foundation Degree

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    Transform your ideas into creative designs and illustrations with our entrepreneurial programme. Our Graphic Design and Illustration degree allows you to harness your creative talent and take advantage of networking opportunities to develop a professional design business.

    Our foundation degree broadens your knowledge of graphic design and illustration and teaches you the techniques and skills needed to forge a creative career. This programme will focus on a range of graphic techniques such as illustration and typography. You will also learn how to communicate visually with an audience.

    Our handpicked modules develop your employability skills as well as providing you with plenty of opportunities to captivate a crowd. You’ll work with designers, gallerists, and curators, sell your work, promote yourself, and develop media campaigns, in a programme designed to meet the demands of the creative industry.

    While studying with us, you’ll leverage our excellent industry links to develop your work, enter competitions, and work on client projects. You’ll also produce a sustained body of graphic design or illustration work which will be displayed as part of a public exhibition.

  6. Fine Art Foundation Degree

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    Whether you’re a painter, sculptor, video, sound or installation artist you’ll maximise your creative ability, and learn how to harness your skills in a professional environment.

    Our foundation degree contextualises your practice within the reality of the contemporary art industry. As you progress through our programme, you’ll refine your skills in the studio, as well as developing your understanding of art and commerce, and how the two can combine to create a career path.

    From the start, you’ll exhibit your work. You will have the opportunity to sell your work, visit exhibitions, collaborate with artists, develop media campaigns, work with the public, and critically understand the changing art landscape.

    Leverage our fantastic industry links throughout the course to showcase your work in three public exhibitions each year within the Leeds art scene.

  7. MA Creative Practice

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    The course allows you to develop your academic work with a research symposium to meet with other artists and academics to discuss artworks and themes. You’ll receive personalised support based on your practice, and the space to develop your creative practice in a multidisciplinary environment. Acting as a form of percolation, your work will be distilled for exhibition, ready to be shown to the public. Develop your arts practice – sign up for the MA today!

  8. Foundation Diploma in Art & Design

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    The Foundation Diploma in Art and Design is an exciting year-long course designed to develop your understanding of creative practice and to introduce you to new ways of working that will support and aid your progression into Higher Education.

    The Harrogate College Foundation Diploma in Art and Design explores the fundamentals of creative thinking and working, helping you to examine which of the numerous disciplines in art and design is right for you. The course will cover a variety of topics taught through a programme of seminars, workshops, projects and gallery visits to provide you with a set of practical and theoretical skills that are applicable to a range of art and design disciplines. Teaching staff will draw upon their knowledge and experience to help you discover which area of the creative industries is right for you and provide you with tailored support to aid your development in your chosen specialist area.

    Our teaching is designed to introduce you to the skills and thinking needed when working at degree level in a creative discipline, and to support your progression into Higher Education through the creation of portfolios and UCAS guidance.

    Students who have studied on our course progress to some of the best universities in the country to study subjects from Fine Art and Technical Theatre, to Textiles and Product Design, preparing them for careers across the creative industries.

  9. Art and Design Level 3

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    This two years programme allows you to explore the various art and design techniques that will help you to select your specialist pathway to higher education. You’ll look at fine art, sculpture, 3D design, printmaking, illustration, photography, animation, fashion, textiles, graphics, architecture, and interior design on this exciting, intensive and fast-moving programme, building up your fundamental skills and developing you individual style and techniques in preparation for University. You’ll create a beautiful and convincing portfolio for your application and interview to Higher Education. From this programme, you can progress onto a HND or Degree programme, on your way to working as an artist, in graphic design, fashion and marketing, illustration, theatre set design and more.

  10. Art and Design Level 2

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    This programme has been designed to enable students with a strong creative desire to access vocational Art and Design study. The Level 2 programme allows for broad based Art and Design study in core subject areas including Drawing, Design and Visual Communication. The course enables you to experience an introduction to elements such as printmaking, graphics, fashion, textiles, 3D design and fine art. Visits to galleries and field trips are an essential part of the programme. You will learn about 2D and 3D Visual Communication, research the development of Art and Design through history to the present day, explore and develop Art and Design ideas and produce an Art and Design outcome. Successful completion of the Programme gives the opportunity for progression to the Level 3 course. Developing practical skills in English, maths and information and communication technology (ICT) are an integral and compulsory part of the programme.


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