Safeguarding Policy & Guidance

If you are worried about yourself of someone you know in college, please speak to any member of staff. They will pass on this information to the safeguarding team who can take further action. There is also a ‘Report it’ button on the student intranet. Alternatively, please email safeguarding@leedscitycollege.ac.uk.
You can view our safeguarding policy here.

We take terrorism seriously, so we closely follow the Prevent scheme as outlined by the government. We aim to prevent people from being drawn into all forms of extremism by educating and raising awareness about issues that could endanger or cause harm.

Prevent is a government initiative aimed at stopping people getting involved with or supporting violent extremism. Part of our safeguarding duty is to protect vulnerable individuals from the risk of radicalism and extremism. To do this, we follow government guidance which is known as the Prevent duty.

Useful resources

The following resources may be useful for providing further information and support.

For more information on forms of abuse, visit nspcc.org.uk.

Parent Info

Parent Info is a collaboration between Parent Zone and NCA-CEOP providing help and advice for families in a digital world. For more information, visit parentinfo.org.

CEOP Report Abuse Form

If you are concerned about child abuse and sexual exploitation, you can make a report via the CEOP Report Abuse Form.

Net Aware

Produced by O2 and NSPCC, Net Aware is a guide for parents on the most popular social networks, apps and games that young people are using. For more information, visit net-aware.org.uk.

O2 Guru

O2 have joined forces with NSPCC to help keep children safe online. For more information, search for children’s safety and visit the forums at community.o2.co.uk.


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