Over 20s Childcare Support

Students who are 20 years of age or over and meet the income eligibility for their course can apply for assistance with childcare fees during their timetabled hours of study. A contribution of up to £7,000 to cover childcare costs may be made per student over the course of the academic year.

How to apply

To apply support with childcare costs for those who are aged over 20 at the start of their college course.

  • Download the 2021/2022 Childcare Application Form here.
  • Students must arrange for the Childcare Quote Form to be completed by their childcare provider. The Childcare Quote Form must be submitted with the Childcare Application Form.
  • Ensure that the Childcare provider you are going to be using is a registered Ofsted provider.
  • Please take your completed Childcare Application Form, birth certificate or child tax credit award notice with your income evidence to your curriculum admin team for checking.
  • If you are able to provide a completed Childcare Quote Form at this stage then please do so; however if you are unable to do so, you will be asked to submit your childcare quote form once your application has been assessed and your childcare has been provisionally approved.
  • The check list on the front of the childcare application form must be signed off confirming that your application is complete before it can be submitted.

Please note that funding has not been agreed until you have returned the signed Childcare Agreement. The Childcare Agreement must be signed by both the student and the childcare provider.

The maximum contribution towards childcare per student per academic year is of up £7,000. The daily cap is now £55 and the cap on a morning or afternoon session is £30.

To fully understand the childcare application process, click on the link below for the flow chart showing the childcare application process.

Childcare Application Process Flow Chart 2021-2022

To view childcare FAQs, please click here.

Students under 20

If you are aged under 20, you may be eligible for help under the government’s Care to Learn scheme which pays for childcare with an Ofsted-registered provider while you are at college up to a maximum of £160 per week per child.

For further information about Care to Learn scheme click here to speak to our Childcare Advice Officer for further guidance, alternatively you can visit the Care to Learn website to apply (www.gov.uk/care-to-learn).

Childcare Providers

Leeds City College works in partnership with Ofsted registered childcare providers to help student parents with childcare costs/ places to overcome barriers, which may prevent them from taking part in or continuing in learning.