Life at Harrogate College


Your college: your place

When you enrol at Harrogate College you do more than sign up for first-class teaching, you join an inclusive community where you will make friends, increase your confidence and broaden your horizons. From the Welcome Event when you arrive in the autumn to your last day at the college, you will be supported, included and nurtured.

We are small enough that the staff really get to know you as individuals. You will quickly get to know people on your course but also have the opportunity to make friends beyond your classmates. You can feel safe knowing that you are part of a community where staff know you and all students in the college. We’re a friendly, caring place where staff really do go above and beyond to help you on your journey.

Our goals are your goals and we are here to help you progress so you can achieve what you want to do. This isn’t about us, it’s about you. From running trips based around your interests to incorporating relevant lessons into your courses so you leave with the skills employers need, you are at the forefront of what we do.

In College

Timetables: Most courses teach across four days, enabling you to get a part-time job that can support you financially as you develop skills for work.

Careers advice: Our careers advice isn’t all about what you will do next, we focus on you and your current situation as well as helping you to look forward to the future. From sharing local job vacancies to inviting local employers to college, our careers advice will help and guide you on the journey to your next step.

Support: When you join Harrogate College you will be supported by your tutor and our pastoral team. They will get to know you, celebrate your successes with you and support you if you need academic or pastoral help.

Enrichment: College shouldn’t be all about what you learn in the classroom. We give you the opportunity to learn through activities and events. From board and computer games to one-off celebrations, enrichment activities are led by your interests. If there’s something you are interested in or an event you want us to run, you can suggest it. To get an idea of some of our current activities and events, visit our Student Life and Support Page.

Social spaces: We recognise the importance of having places to sit and study as well as gather and chat with friends. At Harrogate College you can work in the ALZ (Active Learning Zone), read a book in the iLearn Hub or take a break in the Canteen. As well as diverse spaces within the building, there are picnic tables outside where you can meet with friends.

Green Agenda: From day-to-day commitment to sustainability, such as our hairdressing salon which uses environmentally friendly products and ensures waste is recycled, to our Green Month which sees a month of environment-focused activities and projects, our green agenda is alive and thriving. We are committed to sustainability and providing a greener, fairer, future.

Beyond the classroom

Work experience: supporting your learning with work experience is very important and that’s why all of our students complete around 40 hours of work experience. Many of our teachers have come from industry and have connections to businesses, the college itself has a good working relationship with many local employers.

Trips: learning is supported with interesting and relevant trips. Like every aspect of curriculum, as well as enrichment, trips are centred around you and your interests. Creative arts students have enjoyed going to Comic-Con and hospitality students have visited hospitality venues to experience what working in the sector is really like.