Welcome from the Principal

“I’m Danny Wild, Principal of Harrogate College.

I’d like to welcome you to Harrogate College. We believe our progressive curriculum, taught in industry standard facilities by our expert teachers, helps all of our students to grow to be ready for their next step at university or the workplace. We work hard to partner with employers to understand their skills needs, so our students are future ready. We believe being nurturing and inclusive should be at the heart of what we do, so we have a dedicated team committed to developing an aspirational environment where students develop their knowledge, skills and behaviours to be successful people and prosper throughout their lives.”

Our values

Our values enable us to deliver an education that is inclusive of every student’s needs. By implementing our values, we can continue to be committed to the development of our students.

Harrogate College works to prepare people and places for the future.

Harrogate College encourages all to reach their potential in a safe and caring environment.

Harrogate College is dedicated to creating an encouraging and aspirational environment where every student can prosper.