Covid-19 safety measures at college

As we reopen our doors for the new academic year, we’ve taken measures to make sure that the college campus is as safe as possible. 

Thanks to the success of the NHS vaccine programme rollout and ongoing safety measures, students can safely return to college to begin an exciting new year of learning. You can find our latest campus rules and safety measures below.

Face coverings

Students are expected to wear face coverings in communal areas, such as the canteen and corridors, but not in classroom or workshop areas (unless students or staff want to).

Other safety measures on campus

Studying in college is important for the quality of our students’ learning and wellbeing. We will continue to take safety measures seriously to keep our students and staff safe. 

This includes:

The safety measures we’ve had in place have proved a real success at controlling the spread of Covid-19. We want to reassure you that we are teaching in a Covid-19 safe environment and we will continue to implement measures to ensure student and staff safety. 


To keep everyone even safer on campus, it is expected that all students should take and have evidence of two negative lateral flow tests during induction or soon afterwards. You can either take these tests on site or at home. You can ask for Covid-19 tests at your local pharmacy or you can order these via the website.

During induction, all students will be provided with testing kits and reminded how to undertake these tests. Positive lateral flow tests will be reported to Track and Trace.

For any students who are self-isolating, remote education will continue. If you are a student and have any questions, please speak with your teacher.

Bubbles and close contacts

We will no longer use bubbles to ensure students and staff who may have been in contact with an infected person isolate.

For those who have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive – if you are double vaccinated or under the age of 18, you do not need to isolate unless you display symptoms.

Students over the age of 18 who are unvaccinated will be notified via the NHS Track and Trace app; therefore it is essential that we continue to support the use of this while on campus.

If you are notified by Track and Trace that you are a close contact of a positive case, please access a PCR test and self-isolate until you have confirmation of a negative result.

How to take a test

Taking a test is quick and easy. Watch this video from Public Health England to see how it’s done. You can also read the guides below.

Vaccine information

If you’re offered the vaccine, please take this opportunity as it is proving effective against Covid-19. You can find more information about the vaccine here.