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Our Higher Education centre features purposeful classrooms, lecture theatre, research lab, social spaces and a computer lab, giving you all of the university experience right on your doorstep.

Studying a higher education course at Harrogate College means you’ll benefit from smaller class sizes, greater flexibility for different lifestyles, and may get to experience on-the-job learning as part of the programme.

Take a look at what our current Creative Practice Masters’ students are involved in below.

Final Major Project Exhibition 2023

The narrative of the Object by Zoe Phillips

For Zoe as a maker, the object, artefact or prop, has always played a focal role in storytelling. During her MA, Zoe has taken one object: the sycamore seed, and explored her relationship with it across a variety of medium and practices.

Fusing a range of craft techniques with an artist’s poetic interpretation, Zoe has pushed the boundaries of the ‘about not of’ in her work.

Visit Harlow Carr Gardens 22-26th August 2023 to view Zoe’s work

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Wild Wood: Karen Hood
Interruptions: Alex Skarratt

Wild Water and Wild Wood is one woman’s journey open water swimming and wild camping around the UK. She aims to bathe the senses in the beauty of our natural landscape and inspire other women to stride out and have adventures of their own.

Interruptions: The work I have explored through this project is a collaborative project centred around raising awareness of domestic abuse. I have worked with survivors of domestic abuse to create an installation, centred around truth. I conducted an interview which has been transcribed and turned into a workable script and all words spoken in the installation are verbatim. The text was then used to recreate scenarios which were then photographed on location by Ceri Wilkins of Rainbow Rice Photography, it was also used to inspire improvised movement and original music which has been created to enhance the experience of the viewer. All but one of my collaborators have experienced some form of domestic abuse in their life and the work has been heavily influenced by their experiences.

This is a powerful, thought-provoking piece of art which I hope will inspire conversations and empower women to make healthy choices in their relationships.

Visit St Peter’s Church, Harrogate 28-29th July to view Karen and Alex’s work

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Water: Catt van Liejen
Nature: Zoe Nicholson

Immerse yourself in a myriad of mediums, from porcelain heads, oil and charcoal riverscapes paintings, acrylic mixed media mystical paintings and cyanotypes. Exploring our human connection to water and nature, through the narrative of storytelling of watery folklore and mythology.

Visit St John’s Hub, Knaresborough 28-29th July to view Zoe and Catt’s work

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Clay exhibition: Hannah Alderson

Clay, an exhibition by Hannah Alderson celebrates the therapeutic use of clay in her own practice and in the community groups she has led. Delving into the benefits of engaging with clay and how these impacts health and well-being.

Visit St Peter’s Church, Harrogate 24-29th July to view Hannah’s work

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Our Higher Education Courses


Creative Practice Master’s Degree

The Masters in Creative Practice is a practice-led modular programme designed for creative graduates from a range of disciplines to enhance their knowledge and skills. On this programme you will develop specialist practical skills while refining your practice and enhancing your employability skills. You’ll build a professional creative network to support your career in the Creative industry.

You are supported throughout the programme to critically engage with your creative practice and to refine your creative identity. You will develop your ability to attain work as a creative freelancer, to work for creative agencies and employers, or to progress to further study.

We welcome applications from a range of creative disciplines including Art, Graphic Design, Film, Make-up and Photography. The programme is designed for students with strong technical skills in their specialist practice, but you will work in a multidisciplinary environment, enhancing the potential for cross-subject work and reflecting the collaborative nature of the creative industry.

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How to Apply

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