Exceptional Results Despite Tough Year

Students and staff at Harrogate College have been praised for achieving exceptional GCSE and A level results despite a ‘challenging ‘year.

The college has been celebrating a successful results week that saw many of its students achieve or exceed their target grades.

Grades rose across the country again this year as Teacher Assessed Grades were once more used in lieu of exams.

Principal Danny Wild said the achievements of Harrogate College’s students were all the more praiseworthy given the many challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic.

A testament to our teachers and students

He said: “We are extremely proud of our students and their achievements during what has been a challenging year for all.

“Fifteen of our courses saw 100% of students passing, and our overall achievement for all students is good.

“And 90% of our English and maths students passed with our high grades, 5-9, which is outstanding.

“It truly is a testament to our teachers who have worked tirelessly to ensure learners have been supported throughout the year, academically and pastorally.

“Our results have been exceptional and we’re looking forward to seeing our students progress further.

“The ongoing development of our degree offer means that students can stay with us if they choose to, giving them a local higher education experience.

“We are here to support young people with their next steps and would encourage them to give us a call on 01423 879466, email contact@harrogate-college.ac.uk, or visit harrogatecollege.ac.uk.” 

Referring specifically to the college’s GCSE students, he added: “They have worked hard to provide the evidence for their grades, completing tasks such as mock assessments and mini tests.

“This is demonstrated in the achievement of high grades for Maths GCSE students, at 10.2% above the national rate, and GCSE English students, 1.2%. above the national rate.

“Well done to all and good luck for the future.”

New beginnings for adult learners

A number of adult learners were among the GCSE success stories at Harrogate this year.

Nicola Jeffreys is looking forward to moving onto an Access course after passing English and maths. She said: “This means everything! It’s a new beginning for me.

“I’ve always lived my life for my kids – now I can live for me.”

Jacob Ibbetson was also celebrating getting his maths and English GCSEs after narrowly missing out last year. He said: “I am so happy I passed. It is partly down to my English and maths tutors for encouraging me and sticking with me through lockdown.

“I can now go on to do an animal management course and get on with my career.”

Holly Rushworth, who didn’t get her GCSEs at school, was also celebrating passing English and maths.

She said: “I can’t believe I’ve done it.

“I want to do radiography and passing my GCSEs gives me everything I need.”