Free eco-friendly house building course

Construction businesses can find out how to make super energy-efficient buildings through a free course we are delivering.

Passive House for Construction Professionals and Management, a four week, one-day-a-week training programme that has been fully funded by the government, will start on Tuesday 7 March.

Passive houses are built to rigorous energy efficient design standards to help them maintain an almost constant temperature – thereby slashing their energy bills and carbon footprint.

The course will be run by Leeds-based passive house specialists Pure Haus, who will also be installing a mini passive house in our grounds on Thursday 2 March.

Welcome to the future of the construction industry

Director Kevin Pratt said: “Building energy efficient homes and retrofitting homes to make them more energy efficient is the future.

“I’m so pleased that Harrogate College has embraced the future of the construction industry and this course is a really exciting project for us to be involved in.

“We’re looking forward to installing a ‘mini pure haus’ at the college, too; it will be a real eye-opener for students and help educate them about how we need to build homes to play our part in tackling climate change.”

As an environmentally conscious college which is working to achieve carbon zero status by 2035, we are always looking for ways to raise awareness of the sustainability and green skills agenda. In March, we will be holding a variety of environmentally-focused activities for our Green Month.

One of those events will see Zero Carbon Harrogate, at 6.30pm on 16 March, present a free introductory talk on Retrofitting Your Home. Guests will hear from several expert speakers about the art of eco-renovation and how to go about improving the energy efficiency of their properties.

This will be the latest in a string of retrofit courses or information events that we have helped to deliver over the past two years.

Playing our part in the fight against climate change

Principal Danny Wild said: “Creating more energy efficient buildings, and improving the efficiency of the ones we already have, is an important part of the fight against climate change.

“We are delighted to be partnering with local businesses and community groups to raise awareness of, and offer training in, skills like passive house building and retrofitting.

“It is such practices that we all need to adopt, as organisations and individuals, if we are to make real change, reduce our collective carbon footprint and, of course, save money.”

Other Green Month events will include a visit by North Yorkshire Rotters and their smoothie-making bicycle on 3 March and a fashion show on 29 March. A variety of sustainably produced dishes, meanwhile, will be served in the canteen throughout the month.

Click here to book a place on Passive House for Construction Professionals and Management. The retrofit talk, meanwhile, can be booked here.