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What are apprenticeships?

Apprenticeships are work-based training programmes designed around the needs of employers, which lead to nationally recognised qualifications.

Apprentices are employed from the word go and receive a wage and support from a company that is committed to their development. Our training programmes can be delivered both in the workplace and at college.


Harrogate College apprentices can expect:

  • Excellent training at one of the best vocational colleges
  • A wage and supportive employer
  • Real experience and understanding of the industry they are working in
  • The opportunity to go on to university
  • Recognised industry-standard qualifications
  • Progression opportunities
  • Benefit from better wages long-term

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Apprenticeships we offer

How do I apply?

Apprenticeship applications run very differently to all other college course applications, as you must have an employer placement in place before we can enrol you. There are two main ways to secure an apprenticeship placement..

The first option is to find an employer yourself. Many of our apprentices come to us after finding a local employer who wants to employ them as an apprentice. If you do this, simply let us know the details and we will contact the employer and take over from there to get you enrolled onto your apprenticeship as quickly as possible.
Alternatively, we may be able to find a role for you through our recruitment matching service. We have a number of apprenticeship vacancies available on our website that you can apply to at any time. Simply follow the links, read the descriptions and complete the online application forms.

Interested in apprenticeships but not quite ready to apply yet?

If you think an apprenticeship might be for you but you’re unsure of which pathway is right for you and just want some more information, then please call our friendly team for an informal discussion. We’d love to hear from you!

If you have any questions please do contact us on the link below or call us on 01423 879 466.

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Need some support?

If you are unsure about how to write a job application we have a recruitment team on hand who can guide you through the process. They can help with application and CV writing, interview techniques, ways to build your confidence and much more. If you think an apprenticeship might be for you but you’re unsure of which pathway is right for you and just want some more information, then please call our friendly team for an informal discussion. We’d love to hear from you!

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Frequently asked questions

Types of apprenticeship

Intermediate apprenticeships
Intermediate apprenticeships are the first level of apprenticeships. They teach candidates who are new to the industry the basic skills and knowledge required to progress within their chosen career path. Examples of job roles include admin assistant, junior hair stylist or commis chef.

Advanced apprenticeships
Advanced apprenticeships build on the skills and knowledge acquired from an intermediate apprenticeship. These apprenticeships begin to specialise the candidate’s knowledge of the industry and are suitable for those who have previously completed an apprenticeship or have been within their job role for some time. Examples of job roles include software developer, chef de partie or electrical engineer.

Higher apprenticeships
Higher apprenticeships are for those within senior roles within a company who want to develop their skills further to progress. These apprenticeships are the equivalent to completing a foundation degree or HND. Examples of job roles include apprentice teacher, lab technician or project manager.

Degree apprenticeships
Degree or master’s degree apprenticeships are for those who want to be a specialist within their field and hold a senior position within a company (such as senior management or technical specialist). These apprenticeships usually involve the undertaking of an under/postgraduate qualification. Examples of job roles include managing director, laboratory scientist or HE lecturer.

What do I have access to?

  • ​State of the art facilities
  • Enrichment activities and societies
  • Access to discounts available through the student’s union
  • Additional learning support and 1-1 tutorials
  • Discounted trips and free gym​ usage

Already working?

Alternatively, if you are already working and your current employer is willing to support your learning through an Apprenticeship.

Your employer will need to call the number or contact us via the link below, to discuss the development of an Apprenticeship for you and complete the necessary paperwork.

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