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Being a carer is one of the most important roles we will ever take on in life – and also […]

Carers help to hold our communities and country together – but the vital work they do often goes unseen. That […]

What is World Autism Awareness Month? Celebrated in April each year, this month aims to provide an insight into autism […]

We’ve made our college campuses as safe as possible since we reopened to many of our students. Thanks to the […]

Art has been a source of inspiration and support throughout Pamela Craven-Davies’ life. Painting has helped the 51 year old […]

Douglas Thompson was just three years old when he learned his first magic trick: how to create snowflakes. That early […]

Yorkshire businesses are being urged to join a pioneering project that is empowering students and jobseekers. Harrogate College started Meet […]

Refugee Week is a UK festival that celebrates the resilience and contributions of refugees and people seeking sanctuary. It is […]

On 6 April, people across the world will be raising awareness for International Asexuality Day.  This day aims to celebrate the full […]

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