Harrogate College joins Luminate Education Group

26 April, 2019 2:39 pm

Harrogate College which has been part of the Hull College Group since 2008 will officially join the Luminate Education Group, one of the largest further education providers in the North, on 1 August 2019.

Committed to providing its 26,000 students and the 1400 full and part-time students at Harrogate College with the best education, Hull College Group, which provides a wide range of vocational courses for students aged 14-upwards in further education, higher education and adult education undertook a rigorous four-stage process to identify a suitable successor.

Luminate Education Group, which includes Leeds City College, Keighley College, Leeds College of Music and the White Rose Academies Trust, was chosen as it offered a further and higher education provision plus a wide range of vocation courses which will support and complement the education programmes at Harrogate College.

All 164 staff from Harrogate College will transfer to Leeds City College and Hull College Group will be working closely with Luminate Education Group to ensure a smooth transition. It will be business as usual at Hull College Group which includes Hull College and Goole College with no impact on staff and students.

Michelle Swithenbank, CEO at Hull College Group said: “We are handing over a strong local college which is in good health, to Luminate. We wish Harrogate College every future success.

“We’re focused on growing Hull College and Goole College and continuing to provide the best education and to serve our local communities.”

Colin Booth, CEO at Luminate Education Group said: ““Welcoming Harrogate College to the group is another step forward and will mean benefits for both students and staff. This news will mean that the Luminate Education Group has responsibility for 30,000 students in total, further proving our role in nurturing the skills for the future in Yorkshire, and beyond.”

Kevin Williams, Principal at Harrogate College said: “Harrogate College has benefited from the expertise of Hull College Group over a number of years. There is great opportunity for Harrogate College in the Luminate Group arising from geographic proximity and the opportunity to share best practice across the group. Our recent campus redevelopment, alongside this news, puts us in great shape for the future.”

The plans have been assessed by the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) and the Further Education (FE) Commissioner, with the official move from Hull College Group taking place with effect from 1 August 2019.