Harrogate College launches summer programme for new students

2 July, 2020 8:17 am

Harrogate College has launched a Summer Transition Programme to prepare students for joining in September.

Launching on Monday 6 July, the weekly activities aim to support students in starting successfully at the college. All new students can access the scheme, allowing them to meet tutors and classmates and begin developing course-focused skills.

Run on Google Classrooms, the fun tasks will be specific to various course groups. Each 30-minute session will encourage students to communicate virtually through face-to-face videos with tutors, who will be introducing students to their chosen course through a range of activities. As part of the programme, students will also be practising English and maths skills in preparation for September.

Danny Wild, Principal of Harrogate College, said: “This programme is a fantastic way to ensure our new students feel comfortable and confident for starting in September. It gives learners a head start in their academic journey, ensuring they have a strong understanding of their course and the skills required to excel.

“We have carefully crafted the programme based on each course. The Science sessions will focus on infections and control, whereas Health and Social Care will provide insight into development and mental health. All our programmes will also incorporate ice-breaker activities and interactive discussions.”

The Summer Transition Programme will cover many subject areas including Art and Design, Performing Arts, Motor Vehicle, Construction, Hospitality and Beauty.