GCSE success opens up opportunities for our students

Students of all ages have been celebrating GCSE success at Harrogate College.

For many, their time at college has been used to gain a qualification that they missed out on during their school years – and to build up their self-belief.

Jen, for example, wasn’t able to sit exams at school and had lacked confidence  before taking on her maths GCSE, which she achieved a grade 5 in.

Amazing support – and growing confidence

She said: “I loved coming to class and will really miss it! The support from my tutor was amazing, and I am coming back to do GCSE English.” 

JD Jackson came to the UK from the US a few years ago without any maths qualifications, so was delighted to achieve a grade 7.

He said: “I thought about doing maths for several years and finally decided to do it this year.

“I lacked confidence but, like many people now, I realise as long as you keep trying you will succeed.”

Happy to continue growing at Harrogate College

For Holly Parker, who was anxious about exams during her school years, it was a similar story – but this time in English, which she has just achieved a grade 5 GCSE in.

She said: “I couldn’t have done it without the support of my teacher. I am excited to come back to Harrogate College to do my maths GCSE next year.”

For others, like Maruta Cesmane, taking on a maths GCSE was a chance to prove to herself that she could do well in the subject – and the course has also helped her manage her everyday finances. Martua was pleased to have made some great progress this year, and is returning to the college to aim for a higher grade.

Libby Proctor, meanwhile, has already been on that journey and re-sat her English GCSE to improve on her grade. She is now, after achieving a grade 4, looking forward to studying level 3 Childcare at the college.

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