The importance of testing

15 March, 2021 9:53 am

Harrogate College is currently offering Lateral Flow Device (LFD) tests to its students, as are schools and colleges across the country. We are asking students to come in to protect the wellbeing of our college and our community. 

Here is some information on why that is important.

Why should I get tested?

Around one in three people with Covid-19 don’t display any symptoms. Although this person may be feeling fine, this means they could attend college, get on public transport and see many people while spreading the virus.

Asymptomatic testing is key for identifying and isolating individuals who have Covid-19. This means these people can isolate and stop the spread. This will lower virus rates and protect our communities and the NHS.

We should all play our part to reduce the transmission of Covid-19.

The effective testing of students at college means we can return to face-to-face learning safely. Therefore, it’s important for all students identified on the testing timetable to take the opportunity to attend college for testing. 

Getting tested

Before returning to college, there are actions that you should take which you can view here. You must only come into college for testing if your group is identified on our testing timetable.

Students taking the Covid-19 tests will have three tests on campus, which will happen three to five days apart. After this, students will receive LFD self tests to use at home twice per week. 

Your teacher will provide you with more information about what happens when you come in for your test. You can watch this video to understand how testing is done at college.

For further information, you can view our FAQ sheet here. If you have any additional questions, please get in touch with your teachers.