Chance to shape a greener future for Harrogate

2 August, 2021 12:40 pm

‘Don’t miss the chance to play a part in Harrogate’s first ever Climate Action Festival!’

That’s the message from Harrogate College as preparations firm up for an event that aims to showcase the many different ‘solutions to climate damage’ that are being pursued by individuals, groups and businesses.

The inaugural Harrogate District Climate Action Festival (CAFé) takes place from October 1 to 23 and Harrogate College will play a key role by hosting the launch day on Saturday 2 October.

Sponsored by Techbuyer and entitled What Does the Future Look Like? the launch event is being run through the Harrogate District Climate Change Coalition and will feature exhibitors from across the country.

Sign up for Climate Action Festival launch day

Harrogate College’s Performance and Projects Coordinator, Holly Hansen-Maughan, says lots of people have already signed up  – but there’s still time to get involved.

She said: “This festival will be a huge asset for the Harrogate District and play an important part in the wider drive to protect our environment.

“The event will raise awareness of climate change and the need for sustainability to be embedded into everything we do.

“The college wants to be at the forefront of helping to provide the skills that are required for the green economy and jobs of the future.

“That’s why we want as many people as possible, including charities, community groups and businesses, to come along to the launch event – which has been generously sponsored by local firm Techbuyer – and explore what the future looks like.”

An opportunity to make a difference

She added: “Please get in touch to secure an opportunity to network with other businesses, exhibit to the public and make a difference!”

The CAFé launch event and community action day runs at Harrogate College from 10am to 4pm on October 2 and will include a variety of hands-on demonstrations and talks celebrating achievements in the green economy.

To register send an email to

The festival will also include a business conference, entitled Towards Net Zero Business and sponsored by Chameleon Technology, at Harrogate Convention Centre on 15 October. 

Businesses that wish to be involved can be directed to the relevant members of the Harrogate District Climate Change Coalition by emailing Holly or visiting

A variety of fringe events, including a Digital Sustainability Conference for Children, will also be held by businesses and community groups across the event’s whole three weeks.

Harrogate College has made becoming a Net Zero Carbon College one of its strategic priorities.