Green Agenda

Harrogate College is committed to sustainability and providing for a greener, fairer future.

Our district is leading the way in becoming Carbon Neutral and Negative. Harrogate Council has pledged to have a net zero carbon economy by 2038, North Yorkshire County council have pledged for 2030. The district hosts pioneering industries in renewables, housing, heating and more. Harrogate College sits within this district to serve its community, and provide the skills needed for the future of sustainable jobs.

Harrogate College prioritises its Green Agenda, and has set one of its strategic priorities to be a Net Zero Carbon College. The college’s values are Inclusive, Nurturing and Progressive.

There are multiple avenues of work going on behind the scenes to change the colleges physical, cultural and behavioural strands to be more green and sustainable.

Here is our work to date, which will be updated regularly:

We are members of: Harrogate Climate Commission, Harrogate District Climate Action Network, United Nations Association Harrogate. We regularly attend events with Zero Carbon Harrogate, and support other local environmental groups.

We have our own Sustainability Committee to examine our practices and future plans from a sustainability perspective.

In November, we were partners for Circular Yorkshire month and we launched our own discount scheme to support local and independent businesses.

The college is now working collaboratively with Harrogate Borough Council and Harrogate Climate Coalition to organise the Climate Action Festival in October – watch this space!



Upcoming Events

  • Tree and flower planting
  • Green Pledges; our SU leader is going to assist
  • A Green Team
  • Eco-brick building
  • Climate Cafes

Finally, we have applications pending to change our buildings to make them low carbon.

Find out more

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