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Apprenticeships for your business

Hiring an apprentice can help your business to develop talent, improve productivity and future-proof your company’s workforce. It is also a great opportunity for you to reduce recruitment costs and have access to high-quality training and support.

Apprenticeships can be used to bridge the skills gap in your organisation. By recruiting and training apprentices, you can develop people in a way that promotes the specific skills required by your business and industry. Apprenticeships are particularly cost-effective as a form of training, because young people are making a contribution to the workplace while they are learning.

It is also a way of upskilling your staff and supporting their professional development, or teaching them skills that are of a higher level.


Why hire an apprentice?

  • 86% of employers said apprenticeships developed skills relevant to their organisation and 78% reported improved productivity.
  • 90% of apprentices stay on in their place of work after completing an apprenticeship.
  • There’s a wide selection of apprenticeships available covering lots of different job roles.
  • You can adapt the training that your apprentice receives according to the needs of your organisation.
  • An apprenticeship allows you to diversify and freshen up your workforce.
  • You can employ an apprentice who’s aged 16 up to any age and from any background.

Harrogate College has a wide and varied apprenticeship offer covering all industry sectors below.

Our varied apprenticeship offering covers most industries so it is likely that we have an apprenticeship available that works for your business. From intermediate to degree level, we hope to develop a skilled workforce for the entire region and for you as an employer.

Science & Pharmaceutical

Business Administration





Adult Care

Hair & Beauty


Early Years

Ongoing support

Apprenticeship applications run very differently to all other college course applications, as you must have an employer placement in place before we can enrol you. There are two main ways to secure an apprenticeship placement..

You and your apprentice will be introduced to an industry skilled assessor. They will keep in contact with your apprentice on a regular basis throughout the apprenticeship, including monthly visits to your place of work. There will be an element of blended learning and they will support and guide your apprentice through the 20% off the job training and monitor their progress.

Funding support

Please contact us to find out about funding available.

Employer handbook

Please click here to view our Apprenticeship Employer handbook.

What next?

  1. Contact our specialist business advisors to book your free Skills Planning review.
  2. We can help identify skills gaps, vacancies and staff development opportunities that could be boosted by apprenticeships and flexible training & development.
  3. Create an apprenticeship service account.
  4. Reserve your apprenticeships funds here.
  5. Recruit and access up to £3,000 of apprenticeship incentives and additional payments.

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Our partners

We have lots of partnerships with leading employers that are seeking new talent. Although we keep our apprenticeship providers confidential if they wish to remain so, these are just some of our featured partners.

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Why choose Harrogate College?

  • Harrogate College is one of the biggest apprenticeship providers regionally.​
  • We are funding experts and can help you get the maximum benefit of government funding available to you.​
  • We have teachers who are ex-industry experts to mentor your apprentice.​
  • You will be allocated your own account manager who will help identify any training needs for current members of staff and new recruits.​
  • We have a dedicated and specialist recruitment team.​
  • We will help you write the job description and advertise this through the National Apprenticeship website, the Harrogate College website and on our social media pages.​
  • We will support you as an employer and your apprentice throughout the apprenticeship journey.​

Types of apprenticeship

Intermediate apprenticeships (level 2)
Intermediate apprenticeships are allocated to junior roles within a company. These apprenticeships teach candidates who are new to the industry the basic skills and knowledge required to progress within their chosen career path. Examples of job roles include admin assistant, junior hair stylist or commis chef.

Advanced apprenticeships (level 3)
Advanced apprenticeships build on the skills and knowledge acquired from an intermediate apprenticeship. These apprenticeships begin to specialise the candidate’s knowledge of the industry and are suitable for those who have previously completed an apprenticeship or have been within their job role for some time. Examples of job roles include software developer, chef de partie or electrical engineer.

Higher apprenticeships (level 4 & 5)
Higher apprenticeships are for those within senior roles within a company who want to develop their skills further to progress. These apprenticeships are the equivalent to completing a foundation degree or HND. Examples of job roles include apprentice teacher, lab technician or project manager.

Degree apprenticeships (level 6, 7 & 8)
Degree or master’s degree apprenticeships are for those who want to be a specialist within their field and hold a senior position within a company (such as senior management or technical specialist). These apprenticeships usually involve the undertaking of an under/postgraduate qualification. Examples of job roles include managing director, laboratory scientist or HE lecturer.