Upskilling Cooks in Care kitchens

Course Length 10 weeks
Study Type Part time
Course Cost £500 (Adult) Financial support 19+
Course Code 78640-01
Harrogate College culinary course gravy being poured on to a cooked dish ready for serving

Course overview

A 10 week practical programme that is aimed to provide learners with a broad range of skills and practices that they can use at work and at home! Cooking basics will be covered along with consideration to cost saving, batch cooking and healthy sustainable meal planning.

Each week will have its own dish to prepare with key skill underpinning the preparation.

  • Entry Requirements
    £500 fee to cover Tutor and ingredients
  • Benefits/Skills
    • Build on knowledge
    • Practice skills in our industry standard kitchen
    • Experiment with new techniques
    • Share knowledge and experiences with like minded individuals
    • College certificate of achievement
  • Who is this course for?
    The college recognises the need to support the local care community by providing an opportunity for businesses to upskill their staff - it is aimed at people who currently work in the care industry but is not exclusive.
  • Units/Modules
    • Food safety and storage
    • Health and safety
    • Supporting and experimenting with dietary requirements
    • Costing and menu planning
    • Sustainable and healthy choices
  • Careers/Progression
    Opportunity to develop skills and consider working towards a certified qualification through an apprenticeship
  • Assessment Types
    On going practical assessment and feedback with a paper based food safety test at the end of the programme.

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